Jun 14, 2011

Having Mentors of All Ages

Having spent so many years working with and managing people of all ages across different countries, I have started to appreciate the need to associate with and make friends with people across all ages.

The wealth of experience that is there in people who are older than you and the freshness of ideas and energy in people who are younger - much much younger is infectious. Every opportunity to meet and talk to your friends is an opportunity to learn something, is an opportunity to be encouraged to do something. Even without any formal appointment, these people can end up as your mentors. If you consider them to be your friend then status and power is ignored. The knowledge, skills and attitude is happily transferred. People of the same age group seldom present themselves as mentors - but more as friends and there is so much to learn from them too. If the relationship is used properly, mentors and friends can bring out the best version of you.

I used to spend many hours talking to young members of my team every fortnight. For them it was an opportunity to meet the "big boss" and talk freely and for me it was an opportunity to learn about what keeps the generation buzzing, ticking or rocking. In my present situation, I now try to help young people with their start-up ideas.In many occasions, I have come out more inspired than I went in.

Having a mentor is important to make progress but making a mentor out of every friend is the secret to a lifelong of learning and extraordinary success.