Sep 13, 2013

Enjoying Your Work

I am restarting regular posting on my blog after a long stretch as I was primarily writing my upcoming Book on Career Management. Hopefully the next weeks will make up for the gap.

One thing that came to my mind this morning was the number of people who were not enjoying their job and constantly complaining about something or the other. It could be bad bosses, low salary, inhuman working conditions, lack of career growth and the list goes on. The more they talk about how bad it is the more time they spend not fixing the problem - atleast the ones that can be fixed. If there is no enjoyment in your work, then you should not be doing it - not the way you were doing it. I see so many people who outdo each other moaning how bad it is for them. Stop.

This is a state of mind. You need to wake up and snap yourself out of the depressive negative cycle and declare that you are going to have fun. You have to let other know that you are going to have fun. You have to make work a game and your career a game. There is no shame admitting that you are having fun. This positive energy that you will bring to your team and to the organization is going to pay off. You will take pride in what you do. If the company is not putting up credible challenges, you should invent your own challenges. Your life and your career are in your hands and not your company's. This brings more fun. If the deadlines are real and lot depends on it, then focus and ensure that the deadline takes precedence over any other goal that you have set.

Having fun does not mean partying, does not mean not being serious about work, does not mean not achieving deadlines. It means enjoying the day to day tasks like hiring, firing, conducting had and painful meetings, testing the teams resolve and your own resolve and setting challenging goals for the team. Fun is where you are doing the right things and the consequences of going wrong are controlled and managed. Fun is when you wake up in the morning everyday and decide what goal are you going to achieve today.

Do not be a victim in your own world. Bring in the fun in your daily life.