Jun 18, 2011

Working in Teams to achieve ones goals

I spent 10 hours with a large team today - all of whom were working on a common goal, and I came out more charged up than I went in. Most successes in life are a  result of teamwork and not individual pursuit. Even so-called individual sports, success cannot be attained all by oneself - without help from anyone. Team-work can help us leverage and scale our ambitious goals.

I always ask people if they can do some impossible task or attain some impossible goal - and most respond negatively - that they cannot do it. Seldom do I find people thinking how to achieve a goal with a team in mind.

There are so many companies who make lots of money in profit. Some reward the employees and partners who have got them there and others who keep the benefits to themselves and distribute the spoils only to the few stake-holders. The latter do not succeed in the long term.Taking your own team in the profitable journey is a sure-shot way of keeping the employees within the company in times of trouble/recession. They become part of the family. Unfortunately, this concept is lost on many modern organizations that are driven by shot term stock-market results.

The collective output of a team that is achieving their goals is far more than one extraordinary person achieving their goals alone.