Sep 15, 2011

DIY: Getting Yourself out of the "Blues"

Having a positive and optimistic attitude in life is what makes a difference between drudgery and a beautiful life or a brilliant job. However, regardless of your general optimistic attitude in life, there are times when you feel the "blues". Things are not going your way and you seem to have lost the balance. The body feels lethargic and mind is somewhere else.

It could be pressures or situations at work, or with family or friends. The cause and effect of this feeling is also almost never aligned. Regardless of the reason, it impacts all aspects of your life. You feel you cannot isolate the cause and effect. The spiral is always downwards.

And there is only one person who can take you out of this and it is YOU. The first thing is to feel that something has changed and that you are under the "blues". This realization will get you started on the path to getting back. You have to get your mind back on to the things that you enjoy most. For me it was getting back into running, exercising or getting back into painting. You have to physically stop mopping and not talk about the negatives to anyone. The mind has to be fooled into positive thoughts. The day you learn how to fool your mind into believing what you want it to focus on, from that day you are in control.

The conscious mind is where your impressions are stored. This impacts your thoughts, and thoughts impact your actions. Your actions elicit reactions and this cycle of action and reaction create new consciousness or new impressions.

So we need to change our intentions and this will change our thoughts and thus our actions.

Therefore, control your thoughts and channelize your thoughts towards things that make you happy. This will lead you to actions that are positive.

The other thing you need to do is to befriend or move in the circles of positive minded people. Sometimes we end-up doing just the opposite and gather and gravitate towards other people who are also negatively energized. That way we end up more depressed.

So in short, control your thoughts and channelize it towards positive and happy areas; Start doing activities outside your work and family (hobbies etc); hobnob with positive people. All of these are in our control.